Judges Comments
Fall 2017 Show


First Place

“The Beekeeper”, Sandy Gilling

Technical skill and restraint. Unique concept, has humor. Wise use of edges to direct your eye through the painting. The eyes are the strongest, sharpest, clearest of the painting. The artist kept everything else subordinate so you keep going back to the eyes. Then you see the honey, go back to the eyes, then to the flying bees, etc. Keeps you in the painting a long time.


Second Place

“Sun Glow”, Carol Benston

This painting shows emotion and empathy. The artist clearly loves her subject, and made a wise decision to keep the background greyed down and simple. Beautiful use of color and reflected light in the shadows.


Third Place

“Winters’ Prism ”, Lynn Callahan

The artist created interest in this piece by using thin, fine lines juxtaposed with the bold, solid white areas to make the design flow. The small white circular spots at the edges arrest the eye and keep you from going out of the painting. Beautiful analogous color palette.


Ruth Bowen/Boyce Kendrick Drawing Award

"Sentimental Walk", Connie Agard

Chosen for scale, perspective and emotive quality.  The concept of the painting is sentimental.  That concept is reinforced by the use of black and white, the stark trees, and the postures of the couple.  The painting evokes emotion.


Julie Watson Merit Award

"Lady in scarf", Christopher Pariano

The artist beautifully portrayed texture and light.  You can feel the smoothness
of her face, the curl/frizzy hair and the softness of the fabric.


Honorable Mentions

“Pomegranate and Raindrops”,  Charlotte S. Baucom

There is a lot of work in this piece.  It is strong graphic design, but in addition, each part of the whole is addressed fully.  You can look at any section of this painting and see variations in color the texture.  Every part of this painting was given careful consideration.


"Track Series III", Anne Cowie

Interesting negative space around the design helps contain the design itself.  The lead in at the bottom right draws your eye up into the collage.  The smooth texture and fine threadwork made me want to look closer.  Natural woodsy feeling helped by the neutral palette.


"Plane Trees", Carol Pighin

This painting can draw you in from across the room with strong design, sense
of space and color use.










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