Judges Comments


First Place

“City of a Thousand Cranes”, Dottie Leatherwood

 Good Impressionism, great light, can draw! Love the sense of humor
in the choice of subject and title of the piece.


Second Place

“The Gift of Arthur”, Lynn Callahan

Beautiful proportions & emotional content, great face and colorations


Third Place

“Being Brave”, Prudy Weaver

Great colors & figure – really draws well/lends a modern style to a classic subject, uses color as composition – also it’s adorable!


Honorable Mentions

“The Track Series III and IV”, Anne Cowie
Eye catching & sophisticated composition/nice neutrals/inventive


“Saving Sea Life”, Sandy Gillig

 Love the personification of the dog as the heroic “turtle rescuer”.

 Well drawn/fun colors/sense of humor and  imagination!


“Journey”, Kay Liles

Unique color combinations and sophisticated composition – great looking abstract – love the intelligent ideas in the design.



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